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"A beautiful transformation is just a phone call away"

Ashanti Rose is a WA state licensed Cosmetologist specializing in Healthy Hair Extensions and Protective Styling. With 10+ years experience, you can tell it is a passion of hers as she customizes every clients appointment to give them the volume/ length they desire. With a very diverse client base she understands the wide variety of all hair types and which method compliments each individual the best. Creating beautiful, natural looking, healthy hair transformations is her talent. Ashanti is a freelance mobile stylist so every client gets that undivided, perosnal attention that they deserve. Wether wanting to add volume, length, color or all three it can be done in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Achieve high end salon results at half the cost. Check out client testimonials and feel free to contact Ashanti for any questions regarding hair services.
 (206) 306-5904.
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